Year Groups

Photos of apprentice groups from different years & in different settings. If you feature in the photos or know anyone featured, please contact the association and we can add names accordingly…..

1988 to 1992 (including some from 1987 to 1991)

Apprentices include….

Paul Edwards, Jason Smith, Carl Jackson-Smith, Julian O’donaghue, Leigh Walker, Dave Shirley, Neil Barnes, Mick Maloney, Lee Delahaye, Justin Hemmings, Rebecca Batton, Nicola Smith, Graham Room, Sulikhan Singh, Jonathon Tedstone, Dean Warwood, Dean Jones, Dean Brady, Darren Plant, Darren Rainbow, Darren Humphries, Stuart Jeff, Marcus Fear……

Training officers include….

Kevin Dwyer, Less Dakar, Gordon Griffiths, John Ross, Dave Brant, Mick Sawyer

Apologies if you’re not included, perhaps you can contact the AEAA and we can add you on….


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