The first Ever Association Dinner

In the beginning…

The first ever Austin Ex-Apprentice Association Dinner

The first gathering was held in the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, on December 8th, 1928 and from this date up until the 1960s. The Dinner included current Longbridge apprentices as well as ex-apprentices. The format of the first event, and several later ones, was rather like a cabaret evening, with music, singing and other entertainment. We’re not sure how they managed to fit so much into an evening along with five toasts and five responses (perhaps they started really early). Of course, in those days, there was no television, only radio, so people were perhaps more receptive to such live entertainment.

The first Menu for the 1928 event is provided here. Note that Sir Herbert Austin KBE (as he was titled then) himself attended, and responded to the first toast to the Austin Motor Company. The Dinner Chairman, B.M.Brack Esq., was the training supervisor at Longbridge.



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