AEAA Committee Members

Mr John Taylor* (Chairman, regalia and events)

Mr Nigel Barfoot* (Acting Secretary, Vice Chairman, Facebook and events) 

Mr Nigel Stockwell (Minute secretary and agendas)

Mr Jon Nightingale (Vice President)

Mr John Baker  (membership records & mail shots)

Mr Robert Lewis (Facebook and event sound management)

Mr Ian Elliott (Newsletter and publications)

Mr Stewart Holbeche* (General overseer and events)

Mrs Elizabeth Holbeche* (Honorary member, annual event coordinator and ticket sales)

Mr Leigh Walker* (Facebook, website and events) 

Mr Stuart Jeff (Treasurer)

*Denotes members of the annual reunion event sub-committee

In all 11 members…..        

Mr Ivor Vaughan CBE (President) is also invited to join the meetings as and when available

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