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Austin Ex-Apprentices Association

“…Most Everything worthwhile is born of some dreamers dream…” Lord Herbert Austin, association founder.

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(updated 19/11/2022)

Latest updates from the AEAA.

Association History

The association has a long history, find out more…..

From year groups to individuals, click above for an insight into the AEAA from years gone by.

Austin Memories

If you’re after the history of the ‘Austin’ then try the late John Baker’s fabulous site.


Newsletters, Torque magazines, etc.


Details of those no longer with us.


A full list of whats available.


General information.

Hall of Fame

Famous ex-apprentices


To bring together Ex-Apprentices in social and other activities in such a way that the Association shall be of mutual benefit to its members, and to promote the memory of The Austin Motor Company Ltd and its successor companies at Longbridge.

Membership Enquiries

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